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Links to the best-known portals of guest references, acknowledgments and awards received. Within press and opinion there is the report of the regional television and a collection of news articles in digital newspapers. Finally, there are the latest activities and suggestions for Mas Regort.

Our guests references



Award ceremony “Josep Pujol Aulí”

On February 6th, 2015, at the Teatre Comtal in Ripoll, there was the award ceremony “Josep Pujol Auli”

This prize is a recognition of the economic or social activity of the last campaign that stood out more during the year for any aspect related to the world of tourism in El Ripollès.

The degree of satisfaction of our guests


Regional TV

TV report in TV Ripollès

Mas Regort of Vallfogona de Ripollès has been distinguished for the second time with the Certificate of Excellence of TripAdvisor, the world reference travelling portal.

Their owners are very satisfied because it is an award that values their way of working, which is characterized by being very close and with careful attention.


Recull d’articles

“L’any 2000 en Pere i la Cari van decidir fer un canvi, i com que provenien d’una zona rural de prop de Barcelona, van considerar com a millor opció tenir una casa de turisme rural.”


Enllaç a l’article sencer:

“A Osona i el Ripollès hi ha, com a mínim, un centenar de propietaris que ofereixen allotjament de tipus col·laboratiu.”

Enllaç a l’article sencer:

Activities and suggestions of MASREGORT

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Recepta de cuina

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Llonganisseta confitada amb bolets (4 persones) Ingredients 4 Llonganissetes del Ripollès ½ kg de barreja de bolets All [...]

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